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Laundry Hotel and Spa

Great news everybody!       Kwikwash has expanded its ability and would like to offer Hotels and Spas amazing offers with tariffs not seen before.   The offer extends to cleaning of bed sheets, towels, carpets, and many more!   Do not hesitate...

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Carpet cleaning in Jakarta.

Kwikwash is here to clean your carpet. Get in touch with us now and get an amazing price of 35.000 IDR per m2! Call us or Whatsapp - +62 813-1729-3379   When you choose Kwikwash for carpet cleaning, you get deeper clean, new looking carpets and a healthier home...

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Shoe cleaning in Jakarta.

Kwikwash is here to clean your shoe! Contact us now to get a good price on your shoes! We pick it up and deliver it for you. Only for 35.000 IDR Shoe cleaning always depend on the material of the shoe itself. Cleaning leather shoe, initially cleaning of the debris by...

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Dry cleaning in Jakarta.

Dry cleaning is the concept of cleaning process of clothe or textile using a surfactant solution mixture other than water. Despite its name, dry cleaning is not what people think it is. It is not a "dry" procedure; the clothes are rather soaked in a liquid solvent. so...

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