Kwikwash Laundry Price

All Kwikwash Laundry Services

Store Drop Off – Complete Wash*

8.000 IDR/kg

Pick Up and Delivery – Complete Wash (5kg Minimum)*

12.000 IDR/kg
Sofa Cleaning Contact us for price
Carpet Cleaning (5 days) 35.000 IDR/m2
Shoe Cleaning 35.000 IDR/pair
Stroller Cleaning 75.000 IDR/pc
Dry Cleaning

Contact us for price

*Includes any item that you simply want washed, dried, and folded. All for one flat rate!

(Even towels, robes, bed sheets, pillow cases, etc.)

Kindly do not include ‘Dry Clean Only’ items in your laundry pick up unless marked for Dry Cleaning.

Store Drop Off Wash
Super Express Laundry (6 hours) 20.000 IDR/kg
Express Laundry (1 day) 15.000 IDR/kg
Fast Regular Laundry (2 days): 10.000 IDR/kg
Regular Laundry (3 days): 8.000 IDR/kg
Pick Up and Delivery*
Super Express Laundry (6 hours) 24.000 IDR/kg
Express Laundry (1 day) 19.000 IDR/kg
Fast Regular Laundry (2 days): 14.000 IDR/kg
Regular Laundry (3 days): 12.000 IDR/kg

*Minimum = 5 kg, Maximum = 15kg

Stroller Cleaning
Super Express Cleaning (6 hours) 300.000 IDR/pc
Express Cleaning (1 day) 150.000 IDR/pc
Fast Regular Cleaning (2 days): 90.000 IDR/pc
Regular Cleaning (3 days): 75.000 IDR/pc
Carpet Cleaning
Super Express Cleaning (2 days) 80.000 IDR/m2
Express Cleaning (4 day) 45.000 IDR/m2
Regular Cleaning (5 days): 35.000 IDR/m2